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JOAN M KOP combines historical fiction and family history with powerful insight and in-depth research in a story about freedom, love and survival.


“A well written portrayal of the author’s great-grandfather, who emigrated from Poland after the U.S. Civil War. Anyone interested in the history of Chicago, Kansas and Idaho with the trials and tribulations of immigrants to America will find this a worthwhile read.”

–Lyle Wirtanen, Former Director (2000-2010),
Historical Museum at St. Gertrude, Cottonwood, Idaho

“The Freedom Chaser thoroughly depicts joys, hardships and the livelihood of Polish immigrants—everything from the difficult trip to the Chicago fire to the droughts of Kansas. It is a delightful and enlightening read.”

–Ryan Tastove, Mayor of Westphalia, Kansas


A memoir about Joan’s time working with the Central Intelligence Agency, being betrayed by someone she loved, and living with the schizoaffective disorder.


Clarity and veracity define Kopczynski’s memoir of her journey through the throes of mental illness and espionage, with ardent roads of lost loves.

–Susan Jostrom
freelance writer and editor

Kopczynski’s memoir compliments and defines all the most daring and uniqueness of schizoaffective disorders. But, how she relates her story is the real key in her attempt to help others cope with this illness. Although still much misunderstood and mysterious, Ms. Kopczynski masterfully lets her story be told.

–Abe Ferris
author of Manic or Not Here I Come