There was an old man named Davis.
For selling door-to-door he paid us.
Unteachable were we
And shy as could be
But, Davis said he could save us.

To Mrs. Jones’ house he told us to go
And bring our Volume Library to show.
The door we approached
Just as he had coached,
But did we get in? – Hell, NO!

But Davis told us not to worry
That we’d all be rich in a hurry.
Just collect the cash
And make a quick dash
Before the cops say to jail we must scurry.

Now, Davis himself was a closer
So, attention to Kateen, he showed her.
Marry me, honey,
I have lots of money,
Was the brilliant sales line that he told her.

For all we’ve learned, we’re thankful
And hope we’ve not been too prank-full.
We wish him the best
As our hearts can attest.
But for Kateen, we hope that his bank’s full.