By JOAN M KOP

General 4-Star Schwarzkopf liberated Kuwait.

A deed so valiant and honorable, but wait,

It was us at home he would liberate as well,

Now pride in America and Americans would swell.

Fought foe Saddam Hussein like a grisly bear.

His theatre was the Persian Gulf, not an armchair.

He studied the Iran/Iraq campaigns with zest,

Learned to accurately predict Saddam, his quest.

Said no bear in the desert would ever last

But Grisly warned U.S. Secretary Cheney fast

He was going on the offense to maul Saddam

Stopping never unless the Storm turned calm.

Taking note of all forces, friendly and foe,

Mapping out top secret strategy no one’d know.

But TV military analysts could not keep still

So Grisly growled at ‘em, going in for the kill.

He soon bombed the hell out of the country Iraq,

Calling Gen. Colin Powell to report each attack.

Then came the ground cubs sent to every front.

Grisly showed ‘em all more than oil he would hunt.

No self-serving bear concerned with ambition,

Caring far more about his own cubs’ attrition.

Casualties pronounced light for 43 days of war.

Operation Desert Storm was a success, we’re sure.

So, Grisly, leave your weapons, the war is won.

Come back to your countrymen, the job is done.

Come home, Ol’ Grisly, we’re all waiting for you.

You’re missed by your family, you’re long overdue.

Come see Old Glory fly in your Broadway parade

Where lots of ticker tape over you shall cascade.

It’s America’s thank you to an ol’ grisly bear.

It will be a special moment for a Hero so rare.