There was a fiery salesman on the GOP stump,
A radical new politician named Donald Trump,
Who fostered fears,
And curses and jeers,
A man Hillary and the Democrats couldn’t dump.

His attempt to change healthcare proved a long haul.
He vowed to keep his promise to build a border wall.
Each day a new tweet,
Threats/insults not sweet,
Tho with North Korea’s Rocket Man he might soon fall.

Finding Russians weren’t his best friends kept Trump crying.
Within six months, the media counted 100 times of lying.
The Twitter Goose,
Still on the loose,
His fervor with Nazis/White Supremists in no danger of dying.

A businessman/outsider, he said he’d change Washington,
Hardly increasing the $19.8 trillion debt to more than a ton;
He promised tax reform,
New infrastructure the norm,
Makes all of us wonder if out of town he should be run?