There was a bright fellow named Stovicek,
Whose love life had been a bit of a wreck.
He could never find a date,
Much less ever find a mate.
But, he said, I’ll keep looking—what the heck!

So, he decided off to college he would go
And ended up at the University of Idaho.
But 4 years of learning
Left him still yearning
For a degree in Husbandry; it was a low blow!

I’ll find me a wife, said he, if it takes 8 years
Or I will drown my sorrow in a lot of Coors beers.
So, he applied to grad school
For he knew there’d be a pool
Of eligible young girls to show off to his peers.

Which one to choose—now, that was sure a trick!
And would she choose him or would she be sick?
He settled on one—
She seemed like fun.
Ah yes, kind-hearted Maggie was the best pick.

But, while they met at a party in 1982,
In 1983 Maggie was still rather blue
For tho she waited
They hardly dated,
However, Bob was slowly to his senses coming to.

Several more years of lonely bachelorhood
Convinced bachelor Bob that marry he should.
So, hoping to land
Maggie’s fair hand
He proposed to her, asking her if she would.

And now bachelor Bob will finally graduate.
After 10 long years no longer must he date.
He’s earned his degree
–in Human Husbandry—
And we sincerely hope it was well worth the wait.