By JOAN M KOP

Breezes from the ocean

Cooling off 80,000 people

From 90 degree heat.

Small strips of sandy beach

Line the ocean

For snowbirds who

Come in the winter;

Old folks mostly,

Though the average age

Of Melbourne’s finest

Is 38.

All summer long

Until October,

The city is visited

Each afternoon by

Lightning and thunderstorms

Which wreak havoc

On Shuttle watchers.

Then come Fall and next

Spring you see bugs,

Lots of them,


Little ants, big ants,

Sweet ants and termite-like


Wall-to-wall in

New houses and old,

Dripping from ceiling fans,

Waking you up in the middle of

The night for a bite to eat.

And they eat your t-shirts,

10 holes in each one,

While they are hanging up

Clean on a hangar.

Another skeleton in the closet

Is their water.

Neighbor Palm Bay found a

Cancer cluster which was blamed

On the water.

Don’t ever get thirsty or

You may die.