There was a foolish man named Watt,
Who used to make everyone hot.
So insulting was he,
The Interior Secretary,
That most people hoped he would rot.

His first insult was to the Beach Boys,
Who Watt said made too much noise.
The wrong element may
Be attracted that day!
He remarked, showing he was without poise.

Next were the Democrats and Republicans,
Whom he called liberals and Americans.
Of course this poke,
From Watt no joke,
Won applause from all two of his fans—the Reagans.

Commies and Nazis, he called his critics, environmental.
Trying, he said, to control society and plan central.
Diplomacy a word
Watt never heard;
Any intelligence his brain has must surely be incidental.

And then there were Indian reservations
With whom he made several confrontations.
Shameful examples
Of socialism samples
Was another of Watt’s tactless tribulations.

Blacks, women, Jews and cripples are the last we hope
From this bigoted, racist, insensitive dope.
His plug needs pulled.
He’s been overruled.
The question is, by tar and feathers or by rope?